JMS Forming Ltd.
Concrete Forming


At the age of 17 Gerry Guerra, the founder of JMS Forming Ltd. immigrated to Toronto from Northern Italy to forge his future in Canada. The 50 years that followed were a period of steady personal and professional growth that saw the construction industry change dramatically. The changes were technological as well as in scale and scope as projects became larger and more complex. Adding to this there has also been a change in the pace at which work proceeds. Buildings are being built faster than they once were while still maintaining a high quality of workmanship. Those in the industry who had the know-how, tenacity and foresight adapted to the demands of these changes. Out of this fast pace, high stakes industry came JMS Forming Ltd; a concrete forming company established by Guerra, to intelligently, creatively and competently build on nearly a half century of construction experience in a very competitive industry.


Clearly, JMS Forming did not just happen overnight. It took the relentless work ethic, a thirst for knowledge and attention to the details of building that Gerry has cultivated with his "never give up" attitude. complex construction projects can only be built by drawing upon decades of experience and natural problem solving skills to meet the many challenges of building using evolving state-of-the-art methods, to meet the latest standards of engineering, workmanship and safety.  


This ethic and attitude towards excellence is part of the Guerra trademark, cultivated by Gerry and instilled into his sons who together are carrying forward a well established reputation that has been decades in the making in the various aspects of concrete forming in collaboration with the various support industries that make modern concrete construction what it has become. The future looks very bright indeed for JMS Forming Ltd.